Fencing Questions and Answers
Here's a quick Q&A to get you started on your search for the perfect fence.

  • What are the fence requirements in my town/village?
      Please contact your town/village building inspector to ask about the requirements.

  • Where is my property line?
    If you are not sure where your property line is, please contact a surveyor to have the
    corners staked and a  survey map of your property made. It is recommended as a
    homeowner to have a survey of your property done every 10 years.

  • Do I need a permit for my fence?
    Since each town/village has slightly different permit requirements, it is best you
    contact your local building department to ask if a permit is needed.

  • What if my town/village doesn't approve my permit?
    If your permit is not approved you may still have the fence you want installed if you
    apply for a variance. However, the price and time it will take to get a variance differs
    from town to town. Please ask your town/village to discuss the procedures.

  • Help! What fence should I choose?
    This is always the hardest part! Start by asking yourself these questions:
    What do I need this fence for? To keep things in (dogs, children, etc) or to
    keep things out?
    How high of a fence am I allowed by town/village code in the area I want to put
    the fence?
    Do I want all privacy? Or can I do a combination or privacy and non-privacy
    and still get the security I want?
    What is my budget?

  • Is your company insured?
    Protection Fence Company is fully insured. Town/villages that require permits will
    need our insurance certificate sent directly to them from our insurance agency.
    Please provide us with your town/village's address, fax and phone number before you
    go for your permit to save you the trouble of a double trip.

  • Do I need my underground utilities marked out?
    Yes, call 1-800-DIGSAFE if you have underground utilities near the fence line that
    were put in by a public company. If you live in a development where your builder laid
    the underground utilities personally then you must contact your builder and have
    those utilities marked out by the builder. Protection Fence Company is not
    responsible for damage to underground utilities.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    We accept cash, check, money order, or bank check. We do not accept credit cards
    or debit cards and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Do you require a deposit?

  • Do you charge for your estimates?
    One written estimate for a new fence installation is free. Insurance estimates for
    damage done to the fence have a fee of $95. If you decide to have our company do
    the work for you the $95 fee is credited to your balance due once you sign the

  • So, I've received my written estimate- what now?
    Once you have decided that you want Protection Fence Company to install your
    fence, please sign and date the bottom of the estimate thereby making it the contract
    and return one original signed copy and the specified deposit to us. Both the signed
    contract and the deposit put you on our list.

  • It's been a little while since I signed my contract, when should I expect an
    installation date?
    We strive to adhere to our waiting time estimates, however, weather conditions along
    with other unforeseen occurrences sometimes force estimated installation dates to be
    pushed back. We apologize for any and all delays and hope you will be patient with

  • When is the balance due for my job?
    The balance is due upon the day of completion unless otherwise agreed upon by
    Protection Fence Company and the customer.

  • Can I have an invoice for my job?
    Your contract serves as your invoice.

  • What if I need to cancel my contract?
    As specified in the fine print of the contract, you have 48 hours to cancel your
    contract with Protection Fence Company after which Protection Fence Company will
    not be able to refund your deposit. If Protection Fence Company has already
    ordered/manufactured your job, you are liable to pay material and labor costs

  • Should I tell my neighbor that I am getting a fence?
    Our crew strives to be respectful of property lines however, if you are putting up a
    fence along your property line, it is recommended you tell your neighbor to avoid any
    issues during the installation. If you have neighbor problems, please make sure that
    we have ample amount of room to work on both sides of the fence (try to give us at
    least a foot to maneuver between the fence and the property line especially with tall
    privacy fences). We would appreciate if you keep our crew out of any confrontations.

If you have any other questions after reading the above- feel free to call or write us an e-
mail. Go to
here for contact information. Thank you very much.