An 8' high privacy fence for a
cell phone tower.
The following are just
a few of the different
items we have created
throughout our years
of experience.
Roofs for the Village of
Monroe. Located by
the ponds.
A 7' high Shadow English
Lattice made from heavy duty
white cedar 1x2 boards. Caps
are decorative slip overs.
A new custom style: horizontal board on board.
The topper on this gorgeous style is a 1x2
ellipse design. You can also top it with diagonal
lattice or English lattice.
Hate that open space under your deck and porch steps? This is a beautiful way to close
it off and ensure you can still use it for storing garden hoses, decorations, rakes, etc.
Garbage Enclosure:
Problem with garbage eating varmints? How better to keep them out of your trash than a custom-made garbage enclosure?
Custom-made 8' high
board on board sound
barrier for cooling
units on roof
Our full sized
showroom sample
shows how the
Sikkens SRD
'Natural' stain looks
on this design.
Heavy Duty Triple-sided English Lattice Panel:
Custom made from white cedar wood. These english lattice panels are an attractive alternative to the prefabricated diagonal lattice.
Guard rail for Village of Monroe park and ride:
Heavy pressure treated posts and rails.
Grape Vine Arbors!
Specialty Items
Black stair railing.
Elite brand railing.
The Whalen - customer lattice
arches and privacy fence!